5 Types Of Anger That Are Sabotaging You Right Now

When it comes to managing your anger and emotions, you can often be your own worst enemy of self-control.Rarou

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There are many forms of anger and each one of them has their own traits. If you suffer from frequent outbursts of anger, then it can help to identify what types of anger you are displaying and then look for solutions to deal with them effectively.

Type #1 Explosive Anger

This is the type of anger when you suddenly find yourself wholesale silk lash out at someone.

This might happen when your kids are throwing their toys to the ground. This might also happen when your colleague leaves their documents on your desk or even just a jacket on your chair.

Type #2 Self-Abusive Anger

This is where you always blame yourself for the situation. You may find yourself saying and thinking negative things such as “I’m such a bad wife/ husband/ son/ daughter etc.”, or “it’s my all my fault that this happened”.

If you have this type of anger, it’s likely that you also have self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Working on these things will help you deal with your anger.

Type #3 Avoidance Anger

This is when you always say that things are fine when they are not. Instead of confronting the issue at hand, you try to look at it the other way and pretend that wholesale silk lash is happening.

You need to learn that it is okay to let people know (and communicate strategically) that they have upset you or made you mad. This form of anger often stems from growing up in an abusive or troubled home.

Type #4 Sarcastic Anger

This is when you belittle people with sarcastic remarks or wholesale silk lash.

This makes them feel guilty and awful about the things they did. At the same time, you are damaging relationships between you two. You may actually think that what you are saying is as a joke, but it doesn’t often come across that way in other’s eyes.

People with this type of anger have often been taught to hide their emotions when they were a child. It might work at that time but it’s not healthy in the long-term.

Type #5 Irritated Anger

With this type of anger you often use words such as “I am sick of you doing this or that all the time and I can’t tolerate that anymore”.

This is normally a result of not being happy with certain aspects of your life. You may be sad or even jealous of someone or something else. Instead of expressing your fears, wholesale silk lash and anxieties, you hide them by almost becoming offensive to people.

So these are the 5 most common types of angers. Once you can identify which type of anger you have, it will be much easier to find ways to deal with it. If they are particularly problematic to you, you should speak to a professional for wholesale silk lash

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Finally, remember that the words you say along with your actions can really hurt and damage any healthy relationships you have. So make sure you handle your anger issues today!


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