Make Eyelashes Longer – Top 5 Methods

Since before ancient Egyptians, women have been researching methods to grow longer mink lashes canada, or at least make them look longer. To this day, mascara is the leading product to make them look longer, but what actually makes them grow longer? Here are the top 5 methods to grow longer mink lashes canada:Rarou

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1. Take Vitamin C. We all know Vitamin C to be a powerful immune-booster. Well, it also helps make eyelashes longer because it promotes circulation. Vitamin C plays an active role in distributing nutrients to the hair follicle. Without vitamin C the hair follicle won’t get enough nutrients causing the mink lashes canada to become weak and brittle.

A lesser-known fact about vitamin C is that it helps to form collagen in the body. This brings use to the next method.

2. Apply collagen to the mink lashes canada. Collagen is a protein that provides structure for our hair giving it resilience and strength. It’s widely used to maintain skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It can be applied topically to your lashes like a skin cream.

3. Eat foods abundant in vitamin A. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that slows down signs of aging in our skin. It’s the active ingredient in high-end wrinkle eliminating creams. In addition, vitamin A is an effective mink lashes canada growth stimulator. It works in two ways: it activates new cell growth and helps form keratin protein. If you want to make your eyelashes grow, vitamin A is your ticket. It’s abundant in most orange colored fruits and veggies: carrots, pumpkins, apricots and yellow squash to name a few.

4. Avoid over washing your mink lashes canada. This makes them dry and brittle. If you need to remove mascara, use a mild makeup remover. If you don’t have one, try olive oil and water in equal amounts. It works as an effective eye makeup remover plus it’s gentle.

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5. Moisturize. Your mink lashes canada need to be moisturized as often as your skin. This is especially important after removing your makeup. What I usually do is apply vitamin E oil to my lashes after moisturizing for extra support and shine.


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