The Eyelash Growth Cycle

Many people strive for the appearance of long, dark, thick eyelashes- be it through the application of various types of make-up, the application of eyelash conditioners and growth serums, or the use of false eyelashes entirely. It can be cause for concern then, at least for some of us, to find that they’re falling out.Rarou

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However, even though they’re not normally thought of as regular hairs (which strictly, they’re not) it is important to remember that eyelashes, like everything else on the human body, go through a constant growth cycle- one which does include some shedding.

Eyelashes- What are they for?

The humble eyelash, believe it or not, doesn’t just exist to provide a perfect frame for your eyes so that you can look your best. They are actually a very important early warning measure for anything harmful that might be about to come into contact with the eyeball. In much the same way as a cat’s whiskers, eyelashes are very sensitive to any disturbances and will reflexively shut the eyelid whenever they come into contact with a potential hazard. There are up to approximately 230 eyelashes surrounding each eye, protecting it from dust, dirt, and prying fingers.

Eyelash and Hair Growth

Eyelashes, like other hair, follow a three-stage cycle of growth. They are as follows:

Anagen Phase- The ‘anagen’ phase can be considered the growth phase of the hair (or in this case, lashes). During this phase the eyelashes are becoming longer and thicker, and can continue to do so for between thirty and forty-five days; the period of time will depend on the individual lash- each one will grow to a particular length before stopping.

Catagen Phase- The ‘catagen’ phase lasts between 14 and 21 days approximately. During this period, the eyelash will cease to grow, and its hair follicle will shrink.

Telogen Phase- The ‘telogen’ phase can be considered the resting phase of the eyelash. It can last for an extended period of time- up to one hundred days- before the lash is finally shed and the growth cycle begins anew. When an eyelash does fall out, it normally takes 4-8 weeks to grow back fully.

Because every individual hair and eyelash is in a different stage in its growth cycle, it’s completely normal for a few or more eyelashes to fall out each day. If you do notice your eyelashes becoming noticeably thinner or you think you’re losing more than usual, it’s always a good idea to seek medical advice in case there is an underlying issue to be addressed.

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