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Rarou is a professional eyelash manufacturer which can produce all kinds of mink lashes .The factory is located in the country’s largest eyelash vendors production base industrial development park in Pingdu City, Shandong Province.

wholesale mink lashes usa

wholesale mink lashes usa

We can complete the best mink eyelashes all production process independently. The annual output of various 25mm mink lashes products break through 60 million pairs.

premium mink lashes wholesale

premium mink lashes wholesale

Our factory has 10 years experience in mink eyelash industry. In these years, we have been focusing on the production and design of the eyelashes, regularly launching new products and providing OEM production and high-end custom eyelash packaging  services for major enterprises, brand merchants and international buyers.

lash venders

lash venders

The mink lash vendors factory’s integrity, strength and product quality have been widely recognized and highly valued in the industry. The products sell well in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more than 100 countries and regions.

eyelash packaging ideas

eyelash packaging ideas

We select more than 2000 kinds of 3d mink lashes products and put them into the markets. They are widely welcomed by domestic and foreign customers, products are 3D high-end luxury mink hair eyelashes .

lash vendor list

lash vendor list

We are sincerely welcome all foreigner and Chinese come to discuss wholesale mink lashes business and hope to cooperate with you to develop the beauty tomorrow of the business!

gianni lashes review

gianni lashes review

In addition to protect the 5d mink lashes, do you know other function of the the eyelash boxes? Let me show you the importance of custom eyelash boxes step by step!

siberian mink lashes wholesale

siberian mink lashes wholesale

1st Design your own brand

You can build your own brand and print it on the custom eyelash packaging boxes .

eyelash packaging ideas
eyelash packaging ideas

A company’s logo reflects the core values of a company.

lash manufacturer
lash manufacturer

And it can accurately reflect the company’s culture, customers can know about your company through the logo.

lash vender
lash vender

2nd The importance of brand

Loyal customers know what you’re selling through your brand.

the lash box mink lashes
the lash box mink lashes

Luxury eyelashes with fashionable and beautiful eyelash box can reflect good service and market strategy.

unique eyelash packaging
unique eyelash packaging

Do you have a strong desire to buy lashes and boxes?

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box
wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Just do it! MIIS Lashes

mink lashes cheap
mink lashes cheap

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printed eyelash packaging boxes
printed eyelash packaging boxes

3rd The function of eyelash packaging

siberian mink lashes 25mm
siberian mink lashes 25mm

First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.

wholesale custom boxes
wholesale custom boxes

Second, the box can protect the eyelash very well.

Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.

Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.

3rd Custom and promotion

1 Custom eyelash box

Custom eyelash boxes can help with sales, which can be tedious to sell alone.

If matched with a beautiful eyelash box, can enhance the value of eyelashes. What you put in now is actually what you’ll get out later.

Customized eyelash packaging is very important. According to the sales data of the market, customized eyelash box has a disadvantage,

that is, the customized cycle is 10-12 business days. It takes a long time.

2 General eyelash box with your own logo

We recommend that you buy  general eyelash box with your own logo and brand name.

This kind of boxes are so popular that our company can produce them in a day. We promise to deliver the products within 24 hours.

This is the best way to customize eyelash boxes at present.

We have all general boxes in stock. It saves a lot of time.

In the days leading up to your custom eyelash box, you can sell many of these generic boxes with your logo on them. To make more money.

3 general eyelash box plus free label

If you don’t have a big budget, you can choose the general eyelash box. We provide you with a free label. We also offer you free eyelash packaging.

Before you customize your eyelashes, order universal eyelashes boxes with your own logo

This approach is best, but only for people with a sufficient budget.

5th advertising effect

Because the box has your social media profile, brand name, website and Instagram printed on it, it will help you promote your eyelashes. It has the function of flyer, your investment is lower, the customer group is very accurate, it plays a very good propaganda role.

6th enhance consumer confidence in you

If the eyelash box package is very exquisite, customers will think that you are very professional, will trust you, and your business can be done for a long time.

There are a lot of cheap eyelashes on the market. Their quality can’t be guaranteed.

The business will soon decline and is not suitable for long-term business.

And our high-end eyelashes have a very stable customer base, which is very beneficial to the maintenance of customers and can make money for a long time.

If you want to know more information, please add my WhatsApp: 8618661816269

Many suppliers put the profits and exports first in the company.

For example, how many production styles, eyelashes and eyelash boxes are sold, and can get how much profits from eyelashes wholesalers.


In fact, there is not the same situation in our company. Of cause, company get profits is the first task, but not the first standard.
How to better improve our service level is our measurement standard.

How to improve our service level?
(1) First of all, we continue to invest in technical personnel and design and development to create more, more fashionable mink eyelashes that favored by consumers.

The primary goal of our progress is to improve product quality and create product styles.

(2) Strictly control the quality gate
Quality is our lifeline. Only if we have high quality products , our customers will choose us as their eyelash wholesaler again. Similarly,
customer recognition will bring us more new customers.
(3) Upgrade after sales service
Because of the high quality of our products, our after-sales team has been transformed into a 24-hour online customer service team, ready to help our sales staff to
answer and solve the problems of our customers in sales.

With the improvement of our technology and quality, we will gradually eliminate the after-sales team.

As long as our customers find the product is damaged, whether it is caused by the express company

or the product quality problem, they can directly find our sales staff to solve all the problems.

(4) Our service concept
The customer’s problem is our problem. Not only do we provide our distributors with Lashes wholesale,


but we also pay more attention to solving the problems encountered by customers in the sales process.

Why should we offer the best service?
(1) First, our company is capable of solving problems.
We have a clear division of labor and all our employees are professionally trained.

(2) Our sales team will explain the most professional product knowledge, product types and the most popular products for you.
At the same time, we will recommend the best products to you according to the countries and regions, which will save you a lot of trouble in selecting products and help you place

orders more quickly.

(3) Our design team are all professional designers,
one of which is the product design team.

All eyelashes are designed by our own design team. Eyelashes with novel, fashionable and various styles are welcomed by the world market.

Our second design team is more about visual communication and the design and production of logos and boxes.

They will design professional logos and custom lash boxes for you.

Of course, if you’d like more information about custom boxes, please click on our previous articles or add our Whats App: 008618661816269 for consultation.

If you want to know how to design more professional boxes

and the meaning and use of colors, you can click our articles to learn more,

of course, you can also add whats App: 008618661816269 to consult our sales staff directly.

We will help you design and produce professional and beautiful eyelash boxes. We believe that this will enhance the added value of your products and make your products more popular.

We are a win-win partnership of cooperation.

(4) Get the latest market information and feedback
We always keep close contact with the market, Everything is consumer-oriented. We strive to produce more fashionable, more comfortable and more beautiful 3D mink eyelashes that consumers like.

Strive for the beauty of women in the world! To be a company that keeps pace with the times and constantly innovates. We are not machines that make eyelashes, but artists who produce art.

MIIS Lashes is the right choice for you.

More business cooperation, welcome to add Whats App: 008618661816269
Looking forward to your coming!